About JBM

Mission statement

The JBM Board will debate and make recommendations on accreditation/non-accreditation of educational programmes, for consideration by the JBM member institutions, to allow them to publish, and keep up-to-date, a list of qualifications which they will accept as providing the educational base for different grades of membership and which will meet the educational base for the categories of the Engineering Council (EngC) Register: CEng, IEng and EngTech.

Role of JBM

The JBM seeks to maintain and strengthen links with educational establishments in the United Kingdom on all matters concerned with first degree programmes and periods of Further Learning in those engineering disciplines of relevance to the JBM member institutions.

If requested, the JBM will also consider the accreditation of programmes overseas provided that no costs are incurred by the sponsoring institutions. Applications for accreditation through individual educational establishments are referred to the Board.

The JBM is appointed by, and answerable to, the Councils/Executive Boards of the sponsoring institutions and reports through the relevant membership/education committees of ICE, IStructE, CIHT, IHE and PWI.

The Board consists of a Chair nominated by the Presidents of the participating institutions, drawn from the academic, private and public practice sectors, representing a wide range of engineering in the construction industry.

All members involved in the accreditation activities are experienced engineers, capable of making balanced judgements on the ability of an educational establishment to create a high standard of graduate output.

JBM Accredited Programmes

Whether you are a potential student, a university or an employer, the JBM stamp of approval ensures the quality of the education provided.

JBM Accredited Programmes