Guidelines for education providers

The Board has formulated guidelines, which define in general terms the curriculum, standards and other requirements against which all accreditation decisions are made.

The JBM aims not to be over-prescriptive in its requirements since it wishes to encourage diversity in education provision. A submission document, based on a standard JBM format, is prepared in advance by the educational establishment seeking accreditation and forms the basis of a one-and-half day visit to the establishment by a team consisting of two academics, two practising engineers and a secretary.

A visit report is then completed by the Team, which forms the basis of the decision of whether accreditation will be granted. The process can be seen in our flow chart below.

Guidelines for education providers (Flow chart)



Accreditation guidance

Please visit the Accreditation guidance section to see JBM Guidelines on Degrees, Further Learning and Assessment Criteria.

Accreditation guidance