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Further Learning

Further Learning comprises the gap between the initial accredited qualification and the academic base needed to register as an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer. There are several ways to achieve the necessary Further Learning, as outlined below:

Academic Further Learning

Further Learning can be achieved by completing a further accredited post graduate educational qualifications, such as an MSc.

Please note that 'Postgraduate Diplomas are not exemplifying qualifications under UK-SPEC and should not be accredited as such...Postgraduate Diplomas accredited up to and including the 2007 intake will retain accredited status until the end of their accreditation period.’ (Engineering Council, May 2007)

For a complete list of accredited Further Learning programmes (both academic and work-based) click the links below:

- Accredited FL Programmes for CEng

- Accredited FL Programmes for IEng

Please click here for a full list of contact details of academic institutions and companies.

Note to employers: An ordinary and/or unclassified degree is not accredited by the JBM at Chartered level, but only those degrees at third-class and above.


Work Based Further Learning

Work-Based Further Learning is a structured means of using work experience which, when added to an accredited initial qualification, (such as an HNC/D or foundation degree towards registration at Incorporated Engineer level or a BEng (Hons) degree towards registration at Chartered Engineer level) can enhance your academic base to that required for registration with Engineering Council.

Graduates should join a JBM approved scheme (known as an Employer-Managed Work-Based Further Learning Programme, or FLP) which requires them, with the help of a professional engineer acting as a mentor, to plan, record and reflect on specific work experiences to demonstrate the additional new learning achieved.

For members of the ICE, it is also possible to undertake the Work-Based Further Learning route which is assessed under the ICE's Individual Case Route rather than being a JBM approved programme but is otherwise virtually identical to an Employer-Managed FLP. Please click here to see an example of a Candidate Portfolio and Learning Plan.

Please visit the Accreditation guidance page for all Further Learning Guidelines.

The Introduction to Further Learning booklet provides details of the routes for all candidates who require Further Learning.